Welcome to So-Mark! What will people find when they look for you online? We’ll help you beef up your blog, design and send great emails, and update your social media daily! Your prospects need to see you are online and active to trust your ability to execute in today’s mobile/web-based world. We can help! We also use analytics and lead scoring to show you who is most interested in your content. These are your warmest prospects!

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"Our Return on Investment Has Been Immediate!"
As an early stage company with limited resources So-Mark Consulting has provided us the perfect platform to boost our social media presence and maintain share-of-mind with prospects and future customers. Increasing our relevancy and positioning Stratus Building Solutions as a knowledgeable industry resource has accelerated our sales growth and market position. Analytic campaign feedback provides us the ability to measure customer interest and adjust our campaigns as needed. We see tremendous potential impact as we build our presence and garner valuable market insights. Unlike many campaigns our return on investment has been immediate.
Lee PutmanPresidentStratus Building SolutionsIndianapolis