Welcome to So-Mark! What will people find when they look for you online? We’ll help you beef up your blog, design and send great emails, and update your social media daily! Your prospects need to see you are online and active to trust your ability to execute in today’s mobile/web-based world. We can help! We also use analytics and lead scoring to show you who is most interested in your content. These are your warmest prospects!

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"Boosted our brand awareness to a level we've never seen..."
Imitation is the best form of flattery… Since partnering with So-Mark, we have received numerous compliments on our email campaigns. Individuals within our industry are inquiring who we use! They have helped boost our brand awareness to a level we have never seen before. Above and beyond the obvious, we are always pleased to work with the great team at So-Mark Consulting!
Tracy AlbrechtMarketing DirectorCawley Chicago