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You’re busy. Your company is growing. You don’t have time to do email marketing. Turn it over to the pros. Just paste your text and send us your email list from right here on this web page! No email platform subscriptions, no setup.

We will do the rest! We’ll design the email, upload it to our marketing platform, and send to your audience for you and from you with your branding.

You no longer:

  • Need to pay fees to Constant Contact or MailChimp
  • Need to learn how to use email marketing platforms
  • Need to know/understand best practices
  • Need to worry about CAN-SPAM compliance
  • Need to worry about your domain or IP address reputation
  • Need to do the work of designing, uploading and sending emails

You don’t need to learn the tools or do the work. Just get your message out fast!

INSTRUCTIONS: Fill out the form below. We will send you an invoice. You can pay with credit card or check. As soon as we receive payment we will design your email and send you a proof. Once you approve the design we will send it to your list within 24 hours. That’s it! $99 per email sent to your list. Max list size = 2000 contacts. This service is for smaller campaigns. Larger lists require validation. We do not send to purchased email lists.

Fast, Easy, Affordable!

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Check Out An Example Email

This is an example email above. We intentionally use a clean, professional, minimalist design. We have found through experience simpler designs perform better regarding deliverability and engagement. The email we create for you will have a similar look and feel with your logo and content.

  • We do not add customizations, banners, borders, etc. All designs remain similar to the example above for speed, deliverability, and affordability.
  • We do not send emails to purchased lists.
  • We do not send to lists acquired electronically with website scraping tools.